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Whether you own a newer home or an antique, at some point in time you will need to hire a contractor to perform repairs. There is information that you can gather to verify that the company you select is qualified, has a good work history, and matches your expectations. This article includes what to ask before selecting contractors in Austin.

Contractor Expertise

Find out who will be completing the work and make sure that they specialize in the specific field. This will avoid you being surprised at the arrival of subcontractors when you assumed another person would be present. Just as you would not select a landscaper to address electrical problems, it is better to choose contractors within the particular expertise required in your renovation. Experience usually leads to better quality performance.

Certifications and Associations

Confirm that the company is licensed by the state. The license indicates that the contractor has fulfilled certain requirements and has knowledge of local building codes. Most states have a website that lists contractors and their status.

Some companies might also be members of trade associations. This provides an added assurance as many have codes of conduct and a process for customers to file issues. It also signifies a dedication to quality and accountability as participation is usually optional.

Minimizing Your Liability

Confirm that the contractor is insured. This reduces your chances of incurring a lawsuit when injuries occur on the job or damages occur to nearby properties. All types of tasks have risk of personal injury so it is important to protect yourself as a home owner.


Always complete the additional step of contacting references. If feasible, view some of the previous work too. This allows you to get a true picture of the quality of their work.

What To Ask Before Selecting Contractors In Austin

It is critical to get a sense of who you are allowing into your home to perform work because they will be there when you are not. Checking the items noted in the what to ask before selecting contractors in Austin

above will take some extra time, but it will reduce potential issues. This information is intended only as a generic introduction and must not be interpreted as legal advice or all-inclusive.