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Should you sell your home during the

Much to many people’s surprise, fall can be one of the best times of the year to sell a home in Austin. Despite spring’s popularity with homes coming on the market, there’s no good reason to wait if you’re ready to sell this autumn. Buyers are prepared year round, especially in the fall and winter when inventory is down and their motivation is up. Putting your home on the market during a time of low-inventory can sell it quickly if it is well-positioned to attract the right buyer.

One of the more familiar terms you hear in real estate is ‘curb appeal.’ No matter the season, this is always important. While fall brings the challenge of various plants dying off, hibernating or fully-expiring, the mess they leave behind need to be cleaned up to help attract buyers. Since the first impression people get of your home is the exterior, you want it to really draw them in. Capturing their interest in the first few moments of arriving at your home is the key to getting them in the door.

Pressure washing sidewalks and cleaning up any mildew or staining on decks and siding is a good start to help freshen up the exterior look. Buyers regard the cleanliness of these areas as a sign of how well the home has been maintained and kept up. Then, add color to it all with plants and shrubs. Often times, there are great deals to be found as nurseries prepare to idle for the winter. Give your home a highlighted introduction with some seasonal plants and color!

It is commonly thought that the ‘holidays’ are a time when the number of buyers looking for homes drops drastically, but that is not true. Mostly, the drastic drop is in inventory, when Sellers either take their home off the market or refrain from placing it on the market in the first place. Presumably, this is to allow them time to celebrate with family and friends. However, when done properly, you can sufficiently market your home through a season that’s buzzing with buyers. Take advantage of the positive associations that buyers have with these holidays.

Holiday decorum, as well as the general feel of your home, should stay aligned with the holiday in celebration. Similar to how businesses and retail stores, you can bring a sense of the holiday to potential buyers. This will allow them to picture themselves enjoying such holidays in your home, entertaining, etc.

Make sure to keep it tasteful and within reason. Anything outlandish would be excessive, but using aromas – such as pine, or freshly-baked goods – and soft holiday music can add to the ambiance and help with showings. With a little thought, you can bring a great deal of warmth to the home and bring in offers from interested parties. It almost sounds too easy!

No matter the time of year or occasion, one of the most important things to bear in mind when selling your home is the price. Working with me, I can help you arrive at the right price that takes into account the time of year in which you are selling. It’s not always true that a home must be priced lower in off-seasons like fall and winter for it to sell. It just needs to be priced competitively.

Just like turkey sales; there’s a rise in demand for these items during the times of year when they are most popular. That doesn’t mean that people wait until the popular times to buy them – and homebuyers are the same. When they look for a home is aligned when their timeframe to buy, which hinges on motivation, urgency and ability to pay. Therefore, it’s a popular season year round. Don’t deny the right buyer their opportunity to purchase your home just because of a pre-conceived notion that one part of the season may be better than the other!

Enough about turkeys – a home needs to be priced to compete in the current market, whatever that may be at the time. Taking advantage of fewer homes on the market means less competition, which in turn can lead to the opportunity for a higher price than you might have imagined. As your listing agent, I’ll review comparable sales to your property and help you arrive at the right price for your home. We want to get the most for it, but the last thing we want to do is price it too high.

With temperatures falling, holiday spirits soaring and buyers becoming motivated to close, you can take advantage of the season if you are truly intent on selling. And you need an agent that has experience as well as a proven, solid record of selling homes year-round, in and around your neighborhood at prices that are near or even above original listing price.

Working together, I can look over your home and discuss with you options for repairs, improvements and staging. This will help photographs truly capture the property’s beauty, as well as bring you more money in the sale! The list of items buyers appreciate is broad and sweeping, but among them are things like energy efficiency, new flooring and something that’s move-in ready with little repairs or renovations. Fixer-upper properties are less appealing during colder weather, so offering the complete package gives you the best chance to pull in the right buyer.

But every day that passes means another day shorter – because the days are getting shorter, and the abundance of natural light  is getting less. Buyers typically look after work, and sometimes this means it’s already dark outside by the time they arrive. Having a good lighting scheme will help with. Adequate and welcoming light on the exterior that suggest safety and security can also highlight the home’s architecture and landscaping. Interior lighting in the absence of sunlight from windows can show off interior colors like rich woods and designer paint.

Presentation is everything when selling real estate. And it’s a combined effort where appearance, price, feel and appeal all come into play. If you’ve been thinking about selling but wanting to wait, let’s visit. I’d love to discuss how we can get you results.